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We have some of the best cocktail and flair bartenders that you can hire in Dubai. According to your preference, we offer professional cocktail bartenders, flair bartenders, mixologists, waiters and waitresses male or female available for hire to serve your needs and requirements.

GO BAR specializing in providing high quality professional bartenders, mixologists, waiters and waitresses for hire as well as offers variety of mobile bar cocktail / mocktail packages for different types of events and parties across Dubai and the UAE.  

Before you choose your bartender you would need to understand which type of event you are planning. For different types of events Go Bar offers a range of professional bartenders to hire from. Such as: cocktail bartender,  flair bartender or a mixologist. 
How to choose which of the professional bartenders would be best suitable to hire for your special event?
Hire a Regular Professional Bartender a Flair Bartender or a Mixologist?

What is Flair Bartending?
Flair Bartending is the practice of bartenders entertaining guests, clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools (e.g. cocktail shakers) and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. Used occasionally in cocktail bars and parties. The action requires special skills commonly associated with jugglers.

Molecular Mixology / Hire a Mixologist 
Molecular Mixology offers a new twist on  classic cocktails. Ingredients are transformed and new flavours and textures created. Exotic ingredients are used alongside high-tech machinery creating curious flavours and bizarre textures, blurring the lines between food and drink. The taste buds are taken on an unexpected journey.

Hire Waiters and / or Waitresses
Our professional waiters and waitresses are perfect for serving food and beverages to your guests. They would be an excellent addition to a bar package of your choice or they can just be hired as a separate service. 

Home Party
For a private home party at your villa or an apartment you may hire a professional cocktail bartender. Our  cocktail bartenders can help with any speciality  drinks or drink requests and will come to your house to handle the drinks service for you so you can relax and  enjoy the time with your friends.
In addition to hiring a bartender you would also need glassware and special ingredients for cocktails / mocktails of your choice. You may either provide your own glassware and ingredients or choose from one of our special Mobile Bar Packages which includes everything you would need: cocktail glassware, ice, non alcoholic ingredients etc. Moreover, you can rent one of our illuminated bar counters or bar furniture (cocktail tables, bar stools etc..).

Corporate Events
We understand that one of the most important elements of a corporate event is to have a Professional Bar Service in place. 
Hiring  a professional bartender from Go BAR will bring life to any corporate event and provide lively interaction and entertainment while serving amazingly delicious cocktails or mocktails made from the  freshest ingredients available. Furthermore, we would also like you to consider adding a unique touch to your event in order to make it even more special. We are talking about The Flair Barman Show or The Jet Chill (cool drinks with smoking effects). That is pure excitement and entertainment for your guests.

Entertain Your Guests
From our experience we find that usually guests not only come to parties and events to socialise, eat, drink and enjoy good music but they also want to be entertained. In this case you may hire a flair bartender and / or surprise them with the Jet Chill smoking shots. The shots taste delicious and visually look very impressive. 

Important Note !
When serving cocktails to more than 25-30 guests you would definitely need to hire  not only a  professional bartender, but also an additional service staff: bartender helper (barback) and / or waiters. Based on our experience, to make and serve drinks for every 30 guests we would require one bartender and one bartender helper to insure smooth and attentive service.
Allow us to make a difference. Our professional cocktail bartenders, waiters and service staff will make your party an event to remember.