Mobile  Bar  Services

Mobile Bar Packages

Go Bar offers delicious and unique cocktails packages while staying on top of modern and international trends. We can create cocktails according to specific themes and types of parties and events. 



Champagne Tower

Some of the best decorations for a corporate event, wedding or a private party is a Champagne tower. The tower is a wonderful way to welcome your guests. 




Bar Staff Hire

Great for serving food and beverages, our service staff are an excellent addition to the package you have already booked with us or can operate separately. This option allows for personal service to guests at your event.

Rental  Services

JetChill Machine

The Jet Chill allows to create impressive looking cocktails with smoking effect that always catch everyone’s attention and proves to be a favorite at every party.



Bar Furniture & Equipment Rentals

Our portable bars are extremely useful and convenient for carrying out various activities and events. The bars are composed of several modules that are assembled and disassembled with minimal effort in a short period of time.


Glassware Rentals

Glassware needs for any event are difficult to calculate.   We have a wide selection of  glassware, cocktail glassware and wine glass rentals to fit every party theme and budget.